Choosing a leash is a much easier task than choosing a daggerboard. The hardest part for you will probably be to choose which color, which pattern you will take. There are two important things to remember when buying a leash. Firstly, the size of your board and secondly, the type of board.

The size of the board:

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When we talk about board size, it is of course the length of your board. The longer your board is, the bigger the leash you will use and vice versa. You can find the size of your board on the center slat of your board at the back. The leashes are classified by size (5′ - 6′ - 7′ - 8′ - 9′ etc).

Below is a small explanatory grid:

5'6" Surfboard -> 5'6"-5'8" Leash
6'2" Surfboard -> 6'2"-6'4" Leash
7′ Malibu -> 7′-7'2" Leash
9′ Longboard -> 9′-9'2" Leash
10′ SUP -> 10′-10'2" Leash

So if your surf is 6.0′ you will take a size 6.0 and so on.


Another consideration is the diameter of the urethane rope. Thickness is related to resistance. So the bigger and more powerful the waves, the bigger the diameter of your leash should be.

In small waves, a surfer with experience will choose a thinner diameter (Ø5 or 5.5mm).

The standard diameter is Ø7mm



The type of board:

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Now that we know what length of leash to take, let's focus on the type of board. There are several types of boards adapted to different types of waves. To make it simple, there are three main types of boards: 

  • shortboards
  • funboards 
  • longboards. 

For shortboards and funboards, leashes are generally used that are tied around the ankle. These are called "ankle" leashes. Since the board is lighter than a longboard, the ankle will feel a little pressure if the board is pulled by the wave (unlike a longboard). That's why there are also "Knee" leashes that attach to the knee. These are designed for longboards because the knee offers a better resistance if the longboard is carried away with the wave but also it will be less troublesome during cross steps and other maneuvers.


That's it, you know all the secrets. I hope the article helps you, you can check out the Koalition Project leash store HERE. You just have to find the right color... 😉 

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