Lore Of The Sea – 10.0″

Lore Of The Sea – 10.0″


UGS : 1046 Catégorie : Étiquettes : , ,

Collab Fins – Lore Of The Sea – 10.0″

«The idea of collab is here again around a drink. I spotted Laure’s photos on Instagram and I found them really nice. We met on Anglet, and we discovered that we had a girlfriend in common: Marlene Roumegoux, who is a talented graphic designer. We then thought that it could be nice to do something together and naturally we decided to make several models of fins that would take the pattern made by Marlene.»

Compatibility: US Box

Construction: Fiberglass

Flex: Medium

Base: 7.0’’ – 177.3mm

Depth: 10.0’’ – 254mm